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My life biggest accomplishment

Aös, Capitale du vice
Aös, Capitale du vice
A narrative adventure board game with co-op and competition aspects, based around an alliances / betrayals system.
Pitch of the game (in English)
Rule book (in French)
I published the game myself, raising more than 10 000€ through Ulule. To this day, I have distributed over 300 physical copies. This project was a great learning experience of all the steps and work required to publish a professional-quality board game, from design (characters, city, story, rules), visual, to the publishing. I had to ask myself many questions and solves a lot of issues related to import, marketing, distribution of a physical product, etc. Lastly, I had to adapt to the difficult conditions around printing and shipping brought by the pandemic.
Even now, I am still very proud when I open one of the games.