Dorian Souc

I started my career at Ubisoft Paris as a​ User Researcher on IPs such as Assassin's Creed, Watch Dogs, Far Cry, Ghost Recon, Riders Republic, etc.

Afterward, I self published ​my board game "Aös",raising over 10 000€ through crowdfunding. I Initiated the project in 2016 during my free time and released it in 2022, handling everything from design to import and distribution by myself. Only a portion of the visuals was done by Asur Misoa, a professional artist (Digital Painting).

Finally, I joined Kylotonn and worked on the latest WRC (WRC Generations) as an UX Designer from the beginning to the end of production.

I left Kylotonn early august and I am living in Tokyo since september. I am open to new opportunities in Japan.

I currently work as an art attendant at TeamLabs planets. Every day, I use Japanese and English to interact with customers.